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Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby Shoot

The IA Actors Handbook by Michael Duvall
The iA Actors Handbook in hardcopy

A Passion for Acting

“Instinctual Acting for Camera – The iA Actor’s Handbook” by Michael Duvall. 

Now available for purchase, you can choose between a downloadable PDF format with 16 pages or a hardback copy with 36 pages filled with vibrant, colorful photos. 

Acting is all about simplicity, making genuine choices, and staying true to yourself. It’s about embracing a straightforward approach to the craft, allowing instinct to guide you. 

This iA Actor’s Handbook delves into these concepts, providing invaluable insights and tips to help aspiring actors unleash their full potential. It serves as a guide to bring out the best in oneself, encouraging actors to tap into their instincts and deliver outstanding performances. 

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