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Updated: Apr 7

An Acting Life 


When you are a kid watching TV or movies, wanting to be all those people in the movies, dreaming of being noticed and signing autographs. Then you do drama classes in school, you start to succeed, and our parents think you're wonderful. You think you are ready for the real world as you're never told about the ups and downs of an acting career. Rejections and hopes dwindle. 

 You take acting courses and the excitement is back, you start to build confidence and you get an agent. 

You're cast in small roles; you're starting to believe. Then things dried up and your acting workshops are good but not enough, so you start thinking what am I doing? So you decide to be a producer, director, agent, casting director, or even an acting coach. Trying to find another way into the business. 

You start to put your imprint on the business, you start to read your own ink. You are a VIP person but what you don’t realise is that there are holes in your armour. You succeed in what you are doing but deep down you ask yourself why did I give up on acting, I love it, feel it, dream it. 

An Actor's life is made of ups and downs. You have to work at it, you have to have a plan, a direction. 

But first, you must know who you are. What you stand for, what you believe in and what your values are. Your likes and dislikes.  Most of all, you must learn to believe in yourself. Ask yourself, what do I have to offer the acting world? 

And the answer is simple. It’s yourself. You are unique because no one can clone you. If you bring yourself to the acting world, you have a great chance to succeed. You must respect yourself and what you have as a human being. Most of all, you have to discover things in your everyday life and there is your foundation to your acting. Trust your life and from there, the acting world will be a positive experience. This is An Acting Life. 



Trust your Life 


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