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Introducing Teenager's Workshops

Thursday 4th January 2024


IA is very happy to announce young teenager workshops for film and TV. 


IA will work with the wonderful pure instincts that young people have. 


Work with innocence and naivety that makes young actors exciting to watch. 


IA will work with these wonderful intangibles and insert the naturalness way of working in front of camera for young actors. 


IA will work hand in hand with in developing young actors. 


As following: 


  • Understand who you are and to bring this purity to your role. 

  • Working with scripts from cold reading to delivering with confidence in front of Casting Directors. 

  • Learning the craft of character work; how to relate to the role in a very simple way. 

  • Breakdown scripts from understanding beats and highlights of the scenes you are involved in. 

  • Learning the simple way to work in front of the camera. 

  • The workshops will introduce monologue delivery 

  • Learning how to do Commercials. 

  • Auditioning in front of the camera. 

  • Gaining experience of being on set with and crew and director 

  • A guideline to get you started in the acting business 


To finish it off IA would like to be the foundation of the young actors of today and the future. 

Michael Duvall

Instinctual Acting

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