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"Maximizing Your Potential: Upcoming Workshops for July, August, and September"

Round Up – Journey of your character 

From start to finish in script 

Actors choose a role and 3 different scenes to show journey - Wednesday or Saturday workshop. 

Delivery and Continuity Workshops 

Working with Classic scripts 

Working real delivery with pace and truthfulness also continuity working on consistency making each take count. 

Shooting Improv – Working on ensemble groups creating a real situation working on chemistry between actors. 

Cold Reading Technique – Actors learning 

To work with script in hand making it come alive from sitting to standing understanding relationships in cold reading knowing how to bring out your best. 

Character Development Workshop – On Thursday evening - Work on true character work, working on all elements of role, this is a 2-phase workshop, first week rehearsal and breakdown. 

Second week shoot and watch back. 

Self-tape Workshops – Learning to really understand how to do a self-tape from lighting to camera angles to use of space and preparation of role. 

Presenting yourself on camera. 

Learning to talk about yourself also 

If cast or up for role knowing how to talk about your character 

Young Actors Workshop ages 13 to 23 

Working on Monologues, Scene Work and Commercials – Sat 11am to 2pm 

Commercial Night – Monday evening really learning the real technique of delivery of Commercials and to learn quick thinking on your feet. 

Audition Night – Tuesday evening - script per month, actors choose a role and scene. 

Working on action of your character 



Making it real


This is all upcoming in July August and Sept also Special shoot in July for 3 week and August with Crew, audition iA actors only script TBA.






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