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Words by MD

What are words? 

Well, we use words to explain ourselves, 

To communicate ideas, 

To make us look good, 

To create tension, 

To cause harm, 

To show love or hate. 

Words in film, TV, or in plays 

Are a viewpoint from a writer's perspective, his or her insight on a vision 

That gives the writer a way of communicating this vision through their writing. Something or someone or some experience has triggered the writer's subconscious to put a story together. 

In film version or play version, 

Conflicts of the story also work with the true essence or core of the story, reflecting on what is known as the premise of the story. 

Writers themselves are unique, finding the courage to write about a particular factor of life in writing form. What is at stake is critical, known as professional critics whose own insight can make or destroy a writer, film, or play. 

Of course, what makes all this come to life is actors. An actor's job is to respect and honour a writer's words with full commitment. Nothing short of 100 percent commitment. Anything less will take the writer's words and cut short the message of the words. Many times, actors take it upon themselves to cut or cut short the words of the writer by not committing, by not fully investing in what the words really mean, not preparing or working hard to understand and trust the words of a writer, which leads to incomplete performance and an incomplete story. My point is too much stock is put into only caring about how an actor looks or his or her presence on camera or stage. Preparation of taking time to know the meaning of a writer's words is the main function of an actor, nothing more, nothing less. This is our job: to complete the message of the writer with total commitment. 

MD - Director of iA 

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